If the hair doesn't require clipping we can always just do a bath.  Our baths come with nail trim, ear cleaning, house shampoo and a brush out and blow out.  Ask about additional shampoos, teeth brushing, nail filing or the "Furminating" treatment for those loved ones that shed.

Neat 'N Up

If the length of the hair on the body is to your satisfaction, we can always just neat'n your dog up!  Our "Neat 'N Ups" come with everything mentioned for the bath plus we will trim the feet, face and fanny leaving the length on the body.  Additions also available.

Full Groom

If it just hasn't been a good hair day for awhile and everything must go, we can provide full grooms.  A full groom entails everything that a bath does plus any length taking off the entire body; from complete shave downs to just a little off the top.  Additions also available.